Advocating for Child Psychoanalysis

A Historic Legacy

A group of people sitting around a table.

Anna Freud
The Jackson Nursery

Vienna 1937 – 1938

A woman and child playing with bowls on the floor.

Dorothy Burlingham
The Jackson Nursery

Vienna 1937 – 1938

A group of children playing with a toy train.

War Nurseries
London 1941-1945

A group of children holding hands and wearing goggles.

War Nurseries
London 1941 - 1945

A woman and child sitting at a table.

Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton

Patron of Anna Freud National Center

All Photos Courtesy of Freud Museum London & Anna Freud National Centre

Current Grantees for 2024


The Association for Child Psychoanalysis
$15,000 for "The Anna Freud Altruistic Analysis Grant." This grant supports the costs for candidates in developing low fee analyses for child and adolescent patients from underserved communities.

Parkside School - New York City
$3,000 to The Parkside School in New York City for psycho-analytically-informed consultations to social workers who provide psychotherapy to each of the school’s children.

The Windsor Walk Parent-Child Therapeutic Group
$10,000 to The Windsor Walk parent-child therapeutic group for refugees and asylum-seekers, London, England.

Istanbul Bilgi University Psychotherapy Center, Istanbul, Turkey

$4,800 for Psychotherapy Research