Advocating for Child Psychoanalysis

A Historic Legacy

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Anna Freud
The Jackson Nursery

Vienna 1937 – 1938


Dorothy Burlingham
The Jackson Nursery

Vienna 1937 – 1938


War Nurseries
London 1941-1945


War Nurseries
London 1941 - 1945


Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton

Patron of Anna Freud National Center

All Photos Courtesy of Freud Museum London & Anna Freud National Centre

Current Grantees for 2021

Child Psychotherapy Service

$5,000 to the Child Psychotherapy Service of The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, London, England.

The Association for Child Psychoanalysis
$15,000 per year as a matching grant to the two-year pilot project which is sponsored by The Association for Child Psychoanalysis, “The Anna Freud Altruistic Analysis Grant.” This grant supports the costs for candidates in developing low fee analyses for child and adolescent patients from underserved communities.

Parkside School - New York City
$3,000 to The Parkside School in New York City for psycho-analytically-informed consultations to social workers who provide psychotherapy to each of the school’s children.

The Child Analyst Traveling Scholar
$1,500 (for each year) of the two-year pilot project, The Child Analyst Traveling Scholar. Its purpose is to stimulate interest and increase knowledge about child analysis, encourage trainings, and link candidates and faculty from different geographical locales.

The Anna Freud Network
$500 to The Anna Freud Network in support of their Inaugural Lecture, March 2022

The Windsor Walk Parent-Child Therapeutic Group
$5,000 to The Windsor Walk parent-child therapeutic group for refugees and asylum-seekers, London, England.